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If a police officer’s job is to uphold and enforce the law — literally their one and only job description — and you knew that almost half of police officers think they’re above the law, what does that say? If half of them admitted it on a survey how many more do you think actually feel this way? 

What if I told you half of doctors don’t care about patient well-being, or half of farmers don’t care about growing crops, or half of our presidents dislike the public?

The law in itself is super problematic and terrible, but if on top of that police officers don’t even adhere to that at the very least, what does that tell you about the justice system? 

If I’m not mistaken these numbers come from a survey of nearly 1000 cops that was published in 2000. Here’s a link to a pdf of the study:


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Forever torn between being told “Find what you love in life and do that” and then having society remind me “But make sure it pays well, because money is the only way to justify your right to exist in this world.”

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